Art and Exploration. Original artist’s impression and video created for Ben Adams Architects.

80 Clerkenwell, J C Cowans

Producer. A regal perception of blackness accompanies the track, Shango by Ashden.

Shango 3
Shango 2
Shango 1

Creative Director. Emancipation, a fashion film for Fabien ZOU AW18 Collection Mens.

Fabien ZOU 2
Fabien ZOU 1
Fabien ZOU 3

Contributor. Hands is a tactile film by Iggy LDN and Jordan MacRae that explores the importance of hands.

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 01.08.57.png
Hands 1.png
Hands 2

Script and Narration. Bricks and Mortar, a film by Isabella Rider combining architecture and people.

J C Cowans - Portrait 2.jpg
Bricks and Mortar 2.png
Bricks and Mortar

Production Assistant. Fatherhood, a short film by Iggy LDN, decoding the intimacy between men of colour, in particular, the relationship between father and son.

Fatherhood 2.png
Fatherhood 1.png
Fatherhood 3.PNG